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At Amar Builders, our motto "We Build Futures" conveys our steadfast dedication to being more than mere constructors of buildings. It encapsulates our aspiration to lead the way in the construction industry, while also influencing the future course of the communities we cater to. As an accountable and progressive entity, we firmly believe in crafting spaces that surpass mere physical structures and leave a profound and enduring impression on all those involved.

At Amar Builders, we have demonstrated remarkable growth and unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, establishing ourselves as a prominent player in the real estate industry. With a diverse portfolio spanning residential, commercial, IT, hospitality, industrial, and healthcare sectors, we have completed more than 87 projects to date exemplifying the passion and efforts put into making every venture an outstanding example of urban development.

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Value Added Services

Amar Builders is committed to offering an array of value-added services that are strategically designed to elevate your real estate journey and provide an extraordinary experience. We understand that the process of leasing, purchasing and investing in real estate involves more than simply acquiring a property; it entails various aspects that can enhance the overall value of your transaction.

To ensure a holistic and personalized approach, we go beyond the traditional offerings and provide an extensive range of supplementary services. These services have been carefully crafted to address your specific needs and preferences, allowing for a customized and tailored experience that surpasses industry norms.

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Environmental Care

Our construction practice is firmly committed to the ideals of energy efficient, environmentally responsible design practices and construction. Our reputation for sustainable architecture extends over decades and forms an integral part of our approach to projects. Wherever possible, we work with and follow IGBC guidelines to provide our clients with a design approach that can address each project’s sustainable design needs.

Our designs endeavour to create intelligent buildings that use conventional forms of passive environmental design such as natural control of heat gain and loss through proper site selection, building form and thermal massing, as well as incorporation of new materials and systems including photovoltaic cells and cladding. We have successfully and sensitively addressed environmental issues , through water-efficient landscaping and the use of wastewater technologies.

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NA Bungalow Plots

Amar Prakriti

Amar Prakriti is your gateway to experience the harmony embedded within nature. Surrounded by scenic vistas of Sahyadri and touched by serene backwaters of Khadakwasla, these 244 NA bungalow plots let you experience the untamed glory of nature.


We will device innovative techniques and methods to elicit customer feedback in order to improve our systems and offerings such that the customer is constantly assured of improving quality of products and services

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