"We build Futures"

At Amar Builders, our motto "We Build Futures" conveys our steadfast dedication to being more than mere constructors of buildings. It encapsulates our aspiration to lead the way in the construction industry, while also influencing the future course of the communities we cater to. As an accountable and progressive entity, we firmly believe in crafting spaces that surpass mere physical structures and leave a profound and enduring impression on all those involved.

Our Story

At Amar Builders, we have demonstrated remarkable growth and unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, establishing ourselves as a prominent player in the real estate industry. With a diverse portfolio spanning residential, commercial, IT, hospitality, industrial, and healthcare sectors, we have completed more than 87 projects to date exemplifying the passion and efforts put into making every venture an outstanding example of urban development.

Founded in 1978 in Mumbai, Amar Builders shifted its attention to the emerging Pune market in 1985. Since then, we have completed over 87 projects, encompassing approximately 14 million sq.ft., with real estate offerings across residential, commercial, IT, hospitality, industrial, and healthcare segments, catering to a wide range reputed national and multinational clients.

... Amar Builders is a renowned and trusted name in the real estate industry with a legacy of over 4 Decades. We have carved a niche for ourselves as one of Pune's leading real estate developers. Our success lies in our unwavering commitment to delivering quality construction, attention to detail, and timely completion of projects. We take immense pride in creating remarkable living spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable.

At Amar Builders, we believe in designing homes and commercial spaces that reflect the aspirations and lifestyles of our customers. Our team of experienced architects, engineers, and designers work tirelessly to ensure every project is a masterpiece, blending cutting-edge design, superior craftsmanship, and world-class amenities.

Over the years, we have successfully completed a diverse portfolio of projects, including residential apartments, villas, townships, commercial properties, office spaces, and retail spaces. Each project bears the signature mark of Amar Builders, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

In addition to our focus on quality construction, we also prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand that buying a home or investing in a property is a significant decision, and we strive to exceed our customers' expectations by offering unmatched customer service, transparent dealings, and hassle-free paperwork.

Our commitment to sustainable development is another aspect that sets us apart. We integrate eco-friendly practices and technologies into our projects, ensuring minimal environmental impact. From using eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient systems and water conservation measures, we are dedicated to building a greener future.

Amar Builders has received several awards and accolades over the years, which are a testament to our excellence in the real estate industry. However, our greatest achievement is the trust and satisfaction of our customers who have chosen us as their preferred real estate partner.

As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, we remain committed to our core values of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. We invite you to explore our projects and experience the Amar Builders difference. Welcome to a world of unrivaled luxury, comfort, and quality. Welcome to Amar Builders.

Mission & Vision Statement

At Amar Builders, our mission is to create exceptional and sustainable living and working spaces that surpass the expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to providing unmatched craftsmanship, innovative designs, and superior quality construction to enhance the lives of individuals and communities.

Our mission encompasses Principles:

  • 1. Customer Satisfaction
    We strive to understand and fulfill our customers' needs and aspirations. By providing personalized attention, transparent communication, and timely delivery of projects, we aim to exceed their expectations and build lasting relationships.
  • 2. Quality Construction
    We are committed to delivering projects of the highest quality. Our focus on attention to detail, use of premium materials, and collaboration with skilled professionals ensures that our customers receive homes and commercial spaces that are built to last.
  • 3. Continuous Innovation
    We value innovation as the key driver of our success. We constantly seek new ideas, technologies, and sustainable practices to enhance our project designs, construction methods, and customer experiences. Our innovative approach enables us to be at the forefront of the real estate industry.
  • 4. Environment Responsibility
    We are dedicated to practicing sustainable development and minimizing our ecological impact. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, effective water management systems, and green technologies, we actively contribute towards a healthier environment.
  • 5. Team Excellence
    Our success is driven by our dedicated team of professionals who possess deep industry knowledge, expertise, and a passion for delivering excellence. We foster a work environment that promotes collaboration, growth, and innovation, empowering our team members to excel in their respective fields.
  • 6. Ethical Business Practices
    We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, transparency, and integrity. We believe in fair dealings, honesty, and building trust with our customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders.
  • 7. Social Impact
    We aim to make a positive impact on society by actively engaging in social initiatives and philanthropic activities. We support education, healthcare, and other essential causes that contribute to the overall welfare of the communities we serve.
  • Through our unwavering commitment to our mission, we endeavor to be the most trusted and preferred real estate developer in Pune, creating valuable and sustainable properties that enrich lives for generations to come.

Management Team

Mr. Amar Manjrekar

Managing Director

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    Mr. Amar Manjrekar, as the founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Amar Builders, has played a significant role in driving the company's sustainable growth and continuous reinvention over the past three decades. One of his notable strengths lies in his deep interest and expertise in project management. He ensures that all projects undertaken by the company adhere to the most optimal and efficient timelines, resulting in smooth execution. With his keen eye for detail, Mr. Manjrekar ensures that every project meets the highest global standards in terms of quality and safety.

    Under his leadership, the engineering backbone of the organization has become one of its biggest assets. With his knowledge and experience, Mr. Manjrekar has fostered an environment of technical prowess within the organization. This has led to the constant implementation of new age engineering practices and technologies, keeping Amar Builders at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

    Mr. Manjrekar has built the company on strong foundations of simple values and ethics. This focus on integrity and customer satisfaction has resulted in Amar Builders consistently achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

    In addition to his work within the company, Mr. Manjrekar actively participates in various industry forums such as MBVA and CREDAI. This involvement allows him to contribute his four decades of experience to the industry as a whole, ensuring that the benefits of his expertise extend beyond Amar Builders.

    With over 40 years of rich experience in the real estate sector, Mr. Amar Manjrekar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. His ability to build and nurture relationships has helped the organization acquire prominent lands, form strategic partnerships, and develop projects in lucrative locations. This has further strengthened Amar Builders' position as a trusted and successful player in the real estate industry.
Mrs. Shubhangi Manjrekar

Chairwoman & Managing Director

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    Co-founding AMAR BUILDERS, Mrs. Shubhangi Manjrekar embarked on a journey that has transformed the real estate landscape over the last four decades. Her unwavering dedication and astute leadership have propelled the group to new heights, expanding its footprint and capabilities under her expert guidance. With a team now exceeding 150 professionals, the group's remarkable growth is a testament to Mrs. Manjrekar's remarkable vision and dynamic approach.

    Over the course of these 4 Decades , Mrs. Manjrekar's pivotal role has been instrumental in shaping AMAR BUILDERS into the powerhouse it is today. Spearheading critical verticals within the organization, including HR, Administration, Finance, Sales & Marketing, her multifaceted expertise has been the cornerstone of the group's success.

    Mrs. Manjrekar's unparalleled eye for detail and financial discipline have paved the way for consistent and sustainable growth. Her financial acumen has not only enabled the group to enter but also thrive in the fiercely competitive commercial real estate segment. Under her stewardship, the group has conquered new frontiers, showcasing an exceptional ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

    Beyond her financial prowess, Mrs. Manjrekar's personal touch has left an indelible mark within the HR vertical. The group boasts an industry-leading retention rate, a testament to her commitment to nurturing and harnessing talent. Recognizing human resources as the group's most invaluable asset, Mrs. Manjrekar's strategic insights have transformed employees into vital pillars of the organization's success.

    Operations and Administration hold a special place in Mrs. Manjrekar's heart. She has consistently worked to optimize every facet of the group's functions, establishing meticulous systems and processes for seamless operations. Her unwavering pursuit of perfection has instilled a culture of checks and balances, ensuring the highest standards of ethics and compliance are upheld throughout the organization.

    As we reflect on the remarkable 4 decades of AMAR BUILDERS, Mrs. Shubhangi Manjrekar's influence shines as a beacon of leadership, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Her trailblazing path has not only shaped the real estate industry but also set a precedent for excellence that continues to guide the group towards a future defined by success, growth, and enduring impact.
Mr. Hrishikesh Manjrekar

Executive Director

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    Mr. Hrishikesh Manjrekar, the second-generation leader at Amar Builders, serves as the Executive Director of the company. He brings a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise to his role. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from California State University of Sacramento, which has equipped him with a strong foundation in business principles and practices.

    As an accredited professional for the Indian Green Building Council, Mr. Hrishikesh demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices in the real estate industry. This accreditation showcases his expertise in promoting and implementing green building initiatives within the organization.

    In his role as the Executive Director, Mr. Hrishikesh is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of Amar Builders. He takes charge of the company's administrative and operational functions.

    Mr. Hrishikesh also actively drives strategic partnerships and investments for Amar Builders. He identifies potential opportunities and evaluates their viability, aiming to establish fruitful collaborations and investments that align with the company's long-term goals. By staying informed about industry trends and market developments, Mr. Hrishikesh positions Amar Builders at the forefront of the real estate industry, enabling the company to seize emerging opportunities and adapt to changing market dynamics.
Our Team

A recipe for a successful organization is not that hard to find. The key to success is to have thoroughly selected, carefully mixed, complementary ingredients in form of talented people that together build a cohesive team. And that is exactly the way our team is like: composed of people with passion – engineers, architects, designers, account managers, lawyers and marketers. We are aware that your brand identity cannot be handled by random people. Hence we have the best of talent at AMAR BUILDERS.


Over the years AMAR BUILDERS has grown from strength to strength, laying each brick with strong ethics and morals. The development has been multi-faceted and richly diversified across the verticals of residential, commercial, IT, hospitality, industrial and healthcare. The more than 87 successful projects completed till date, exemplifies the passion and efforts AMAR BUILDERS puts into making every venture an outstanding example of urban development.

AMAR BUILDERS was established in 1978 in Mumbai, with the sole focus on real estate development. After completing a few projects in Mumbai, in 1985 the group shifted its focus to the upcoming Pune market. Since then, over the years AMAR BUILDERS has completed over 87 projects all over Pune, covering approximately 14 million sq ft. These projects have expanded the real estate to each and every one of its clients group portfolio in the residential, commercial, IT, hospitality, industrial and healthcare verticals, catering to a wide range national and multinational clients.

AMAR BUILDERS, over the last 4 decades, has always laid emphasis on sustainable growth and has therefore reinvented itself with new construction technologies and implementation of the best industry practices. Simultaneously, AMAR BUILDERS has maintained the best work environment for its team members, and has strived to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

During this tenure, the group has consciously diverted its attention to the high-end residential luxury segment. The focus is on large format homes, with extraordinary amenities and specifications, specifically designed for the clientele that seeks a bungalow / villa lifestyle within an apartment.

AMAR BUILDERS has been developing IT Park / Commercial Spaces very aggressively over the last few years. This has given an edge to the organization, to be able to deliver built to suit properties to national and international business houses. AMAR BUILDERS has developed a team specifically aligned to the needs of the new age corporate India and for this, the group has also entered into strategic alliances with architects and consultants to deliver the best product.

Over the years, with each project and with each square foot built, AMAR BUILDERS has become the organization it is today. Refining itself with every new square foot, the organization continues to strive to deliver its world class services.