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Amar Builders is committed to offering an array of value-added services that are strategically designed to elevate your real estate journey and provide an extraordinary experience. We understand that the process of leasing, purchasing and investing in real estate involves more than simply acquiring a property; it entails various aspects that can enhance the overall value of your transaction.

To ensure a holistic and personalized approach, we go beyond the traditional offerings and provide an extensive range of supplementary services. These services have been carefully crafted to address your specific needs and preferences, allowing for a customized and tailored experience that surpasses industry norms.

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Development Management

Our Development Management services uphold a standard of excellence, staffed by a team of dedicated professionals who possess extensive experience and expertise in the real estate industry.

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    From the initial planning stages to the final completion and beyond, we approach each endeavour with a comprehensive mindset, carefully considering and executing every aspect flawlessly.

    We take great pride in our ability to strategically plan, administer, and control the entire project lifecycle, ensuring a seamless execution and successful outcomes. Our primary objective is to minimize risks and maximize profitability for our esteemed clients, while creating iconic landmarks that stand the test of time.

    Acting as a central point of contact, we facilitate smooth collaboration among owners, contractors, consultants, and investors, ensuring everyone remains well-informed and engaged throughout the process.

    With every Development Management project, we take on, we guarantee that it will serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, leaving behind a lasting legacy.
Facility Management

We offer facility management services that can assist our Tenant & Inventors in attaining various operational goals, resulting in significant enhancements in productivity and profitability.

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    Our customized strategic management models alleviate the difficulties associated with overseeing support services, allowing our clients to allocate their time and resources towards matters of utmost importance to their organization.

    Our main objective is to provide our clients with reassurance. Our highly trained personnel possess the necessary mindset and process framework to deliver facility management services that embody best practices.

    As the demand for reliable facility management increases worldwide, our confidence lies in the belief that our capabilities and work model provide sufficient, efficient, and professional service that is specifically tailored to our clients' unique requirements, while aligning with their overall corporate objectives.

    Our on-site involvement can span from smaller projects, such as overseeing equipment installation or infrastructure refurbishment, to extensive services such as managing all facilities at a new location.
Interior Fitout Management

The process of remodeling or new office space interiors can be quite stressful. It involves coordinating various trades and adhering to tight schedules, all while ensuring that your business operations are not disrupted.

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    Our experienced commercial construction project managers can handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. We specialize in managing office space interiors projects, and we even excel in handling complex and challenging jobs. Our goal is to simplify fitout projects for you.

Leasing & Resale

Our Leasing & Resale Services provide valuable benefits to our clients. It begins with accurately determining the market value of their property, a crucial step for a successful transaction.

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    Our team of experienced real estate professionals conduct a comprehensive evaluation to establish the optimal leasing and selling price, ensuring our clients receive maximum returns.

    Furthermore, we offer Marketing and Promotion services to attract potential investors or tenants.

    Leveraging our extensive network and online platforms, we showcase our clients' properties to a wide audience, increasing the likelihood of a swift and profitable transaction.

    Additionally, our team possesses extensive knowledge in structuring and negotiating complex transactions.

    Our seasoned negotiators tirelessly represent our clients' interests, securing the most favorable terms for their property transactions.

Potfolio Management

Our portfolio management services cater to a substantial clientele of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs) and family offices.

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    Our comprehensive approach to real estate portfolio management encompasses a diverse range of solutions. These include offering advice on optimizing the value of assets through leveraging and mortgage strategies, as well as crafting effective approaches to elevate the overall performance of real estate portfolios.

    An important aspect to highlight is that more than 80% of our investor clients engage with us repeatedly, forming a strong and consistent client base. To further enhance this trend, we remain committed to ensuring that investors can extract the utmost value from their real estate investments through our collaborative efforts.

    A pivotal component of our service involves conducting regular reviews in partnership with our team of experts and investor representatives. These assessments delve deeply into both the technical and financial aspects of the portfolios, empowering us to offer well-informed guidance for ongoing refinement and growth.


We will device innovative techniques and methods to elicit customer feedback in order to improve our systems and offerings such that the customer is constantly assured of improving quality of products and services

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