Our construction practice is firmly committed to the ideals of energy efficient, environmentally responsible design practices and construction. Our reputation for sustainable architecture extends over decades and forms an integral part of our approach to projects. Wherever possible, we work with and follow IGBC guidelines to provide our clients with a design approach that can address each project’s sustainable design needs.

Our designs endeavour to create intelligent buildings that use conventional forms of passive environmental design such as natural control of heat gain and loss through proper site selection, building form and thermal massing, as well as incorporation of new materials and systems including photovoltaic cells and cladding. We have successfully and sensitively addressed environmental issues , through water-efficient landscaping and the use of wastewater technologies.

In the process of building we..

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our projects through site orientation & project waste management.

  • Work with and around key natural elements, preserving and re-using resources

  • Keep larger urban design issues such as transportation in mind.

  • Work with our team to develop mechanical systems that optimize energy performance and leverage opportunities for renewable energy sources.

  • Carefully weigh building material selections and options.

  • Ensure that our architecture is environmentally sound, often resulting in our clients saving significant sums of money over the lifecycle of the building.

  • Demonstrate our commitment by encompassing concerns for both global and local environments

IGBC - Certified